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North Texas Beer: A Full-Bodied History of Brewing in Dallas, Fort Worth and BeyondWelcome to the official website of North Texas Beer: A Full-Bodied History of Brewing in Dallas, Fort Worth and Beyond (History Press, 2014).

Of course, history does not stop just because a book is published. To that end, this website was established to track changes and additions to North Texas’ active brewers and brewing history, to present subsequent research and images that may have been identified after publication, and to document errata and necessary changes to the content of the original book.

We encourage all feedback and any corrections to our text, and hope that new information can eventually make its way into future editions of this work.

Paul Hightower
Brian L. Brown

Texas is historically a large beer-drinking state. Unlike the brewing heritage of the Central Texas German settlements, the North Texas area—Dallas, Fort Worth and the cities of the surrounding Metroplex—always approached local beers from more of a commercial standpoint. Though local brewing dates back to 1857, early, larger brewers from other states influenced those in Dallas and Fort Worth before and throughout the twentieth century. After the opening of the first craft brewery in the state (and sixth in the nation) in Plano in 1982, North Texas breweries began to flourish in later years and today find a consuming public fiercely devoted to their local brews. Join authors Paul Hightower and Brian L. Brown for a complete yet refreshing look at the history, business and fun of beer in North Texas.

About the Authors

Paul Hightower wears many hats. Educated as a research scientist and with a former career as an IT consultant, he now works as a freelance writer and editor for science, technology and educational topics. Hightower also has a keen interest in modern craft beer and the Texas brewing industry, with previous publications on Texas craft beer and breweries and writing as the Dallas Craft Beer Examiner since 2009. He is a BJCP certified beer judge as well as a reasonable homebrewer.
Brian Brown first discovered his passion for craft beer after trying a German-style hefeweizen in the late 1990s. Since then he has spent countless hours studying the history and science of beer, which led him to become a certified judge in the BJCP. In the summer of 2010 he began writing for Examiner.com under the title of Plano Craft Beer Examiner, and in 2013 founded the website BeerInBigD.com. Born in Dallas, he now lives north of the city with his wife and their two children.


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