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Grapevine Craft Brewery ceases commercial distribution

10944935_845854048808429_1002688390741308165_nGrapevine Craft Brewery has ceased commercial distribution of its own products, although it will still continue to brew under its own brand on a limited basis. The brewery has had enough success as North Texas Brewing that it will shift its full capacity to contract brewing for the growing North Texas market and the state’s craft brewing industry, a change announced earlier this year.

“We are currently booked to capacity and are working on furthering our efforts to brew fresh, local Texas beer,” said owner Gary Humble via a press release. “We continue to promote our local industry by providing brewing services to local brewers who are growing by giving them immediate opportunities to expand in a competitive marketplace.”

Original Grapevine Craft Brewery beers will still be produced and made available for purchase and on-site consumption at their taproom. The brand will be maintained in hopes that future legislative progress can be made for off-site purchases, which would allow the brewery to sell packaged beer direct to the public.



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