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North Texas Brewing opens

North Texas Brewing CompanyNorth Texas Brewing began last December as the state’s first dedicated contract brewing operation. Created as a subsidiary of Grapevine Craft Brewery, the company will utilize extra capacity from Grapevine’s new facility for the full-service production needs of other smaller and growing craft breweries.

Organized by Grapevine Craft Brewery owner Gary Humble, North Texas Brewing provides their facilities (legally, an “alternating proprietorship”) for the licensed use of their clients to brew and package their own brands and recipes. The company has already brewed for Austin and Houston breweries such as Infamous Brewing, Guns & Oil Brewing, and Buffalo Bayou Brewing, and this summer will brew for Armadillo Ale Works as they deal with delays in constructing their own facility in Denton.

The Texas state legislature legalized contract brewing in their 2013 session after years of prohibiting its practice with exceptions for a few grandfathered Texas breweries.




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North Texas Beer: A Full-Bodied History of Brewing in Dallas, Fort Worth and Beyond

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